Bon Jovi: Seen & Heard – February 2016

Jon Bon Jovi Attends Tech Crunch & NFL Event in San Francisco

Jon attended the “1st and Future” event hosted by Tech Crunch and the NFL in San Francisco on February 6, 2016. He also took time out for photos with students from BUILD National.

Jon Bon Jovi with BUILD National Students in San Francisco on February 6, 2016 [Photo By: BUILDNational on Twitter]

Jon Bon Jovi Attends Multiple Parties On Super Bowl Weekend

Jon served as co-host of the Vanity Fair party on February 6th. The event took place on Montgomery Street in San Francisco’s Financial District. The invite-only soiree was billed as a mixer of San Francisco’s startup culture and guests in attendance included Alex Rodriguez, January Jones, Amy Adams and more.

Jon Bon Jovi with Alex Rodriguez at Vanity Fair’s Super Bowl Party on February 6, 2016. [Photo By: Mike Windle/VF16/Getty Images]
Earlier in the day, Jon attended the “Fanatic’s Big Game Weekend” party. Other guests included Alyssa Milano, Shaquille O’Neil, Robert Kraft and more.

Jon Bon Jovi arrives at the “Fanatics Big Game Weekend” Super Bowl Party in San Francisco, CA on February 6, 2016. [Photo By: Zimbio/Robin Marchant]
Just before the game, Jon Bon Jovi appeared in a short film directed by Ron Howard where celebrities talked about their best Super Bowl memories. Jon’s best Super Bowl memory is the end of last year’s Patriots vs Seahawks game, won by the Patriots.

Super Bowl 50 (2016) Introduction Montage Featuring Jon Bon Jovi & Others

Jon Bon Jovi’s “Jersey Boys” Connection

Jon Bon Jovi took in a performance of the musical, “Jersey Boys” on Broadway in New York City on February 13, 2016.  He also caught up with his vocal coach, Katie Agresta, and took photos with the cast.

Jon Bon Jovi with his vocal coach, Katie Agresta and a cast member of “Jersey Boys” on February 13, 2016. [Photo By: imamessina on Instagram]

David Bryan’s All Red Valentines Day Party

David Bryan and his wife, Lexi Quaas hosted an “All Red” Valentines Day party on February 13, 2016. The event doubled as birthday party for Lexi. Members of The Matt O’Ree Band were in attendance as performers and guests. David joined the band on vocals for a few songs.

David Bryan performing at his “All Red” Valentines Day party on February 13, 2016. [Photographer unknown]

Jon Bon Jovi Tops List Of Forbes Most Valuable Celebrity Charity Relationships

The star who lavished the largest percentage of personal publicity on a cause was Jon Bon Jovi. The Jersey rocker and his band generated $449,932 in press for his pay-what-you-can restaurant, The Soul Kitchen. That number represents over 2% of Bon Jovi’s own media value.

Total Publicity Value: $21,841,448
Cause: Soul Kitchen
Publicity Created For Cause: $449,932
Share of Total Publicity Value: 2.060%

Jon Bon Jovi at The Soul Kitchen in 2011. [Photographer unknown]
To find out which other celebrities made the list, read the full article here: Forbes Most Valuable Celebrity Charity Relationships.


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