Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi

 Happy Birthday to the coolest guy in rock ‘n roll! Wishing you lots of love and happiness. We love you, Jon. From your fans around the world!

Jon, you often say, “It’s what I do. It’s not who I am”.  What you do makes a difference in so many lives. Please don’t ever stop making your music… Best wishes for an exciting year ahead. Keep doing “what you do”. Happy Birthday, Jon.

Sandra M. (Vancouver, B.C., Canada)

Happy Birthday Jon. Thank you for more than 30 years of rockin’ music, laughter and tears; for your talent and voice, for your philanthropy and good humor. Have a great day!

Maggie Bond (New Forest, England, UK)

In the middle of our continent, in the small and beautiful country of Costa Rica, your light has been shining in my heart for 31 years and still going strong. Happy birthday Jon, please shine for many years more.

Juan Diego Villegas (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Happy Birthday Jon!!

Your presence has been a virtue in the world of music. Each letter of your songs are part of my happiness. Thank you for existing. I love you so much, for all my life too.

Pamela Olivares Henríquez (Copiapó, Atacama, Chile)

Happy bday Jon! You’re very important to me, your music brings me feelings that I can’t really explain. I can only say thank you for making me cry and laugh and spend amazing moments. You bring me life.

Cristina Villanueva (Galicia, Spain)

On your birthday and all the days that follow I wish you nothing but happiness, love and success in everything that you do. Thank you for the music, for sharing your talent with us and for sharing a part of yourself with us. I love you so much Jon… All your fans do. Have an amazing birthday!

Charlene (South Africa)


Jeny Ortiz

Happy Birthday, Jon! I wish you the greatest year ! “Bed of Roses, Always, Hallelujah and Amen” soothe my fears. “You weren’t Born to Follow, We Don’t Run” cheer up my spirits. Please come to Japan this year!

Yumiko Kuzuhara (Japan)

Happy birthday Jon, I love your kindness to help others in need, your kind heart, and I love Bon Jovi music! Have a brilliant birthday, Jon

Lucy (UK)

Happy birthday Jon. May all your dreams come true today. Thank you for being such a great musician. Come to Pittsburgh PA soon.

Andrea Eicher (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

Jon, thank you for the Rock n Roll, the soul and integrity you’ve shared with us. A piece of you has helped so many. Happy Birthday, man, thanks for being you

Deanna (Forestville, CA, USA)

Happy Birthday Jon. I hope to see you in concert on day. I am from Guam and the chances of you performing here is impossible. Here’s hoping you have a great birthday celebration filled with lots of love and beautiful music. God Bless. A fan since “Living on a Prayer”.

Shawn Wolford (Guam)


Congratulations to the man who wrote the lyrics and music to all my memories. Thanks for giving us your magic.

Jessica (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Happy Birthday Jon! Thank you very much for another year of emotions, music, love and life. You are my inspiration in many ways and brings out the best in myself. As You say… The Best is yet to come, baby!! Hugs.

Maty (Spain)

A very happy birthday, Jon Bon Jovi and all the best for the next 100 years! Your songs are more than music, they are pictures from the soul and they will stay in our hearts forever and a day – always

Nico & Bro (Berlin, Germany)

Happy birthday Jon! I’m 17, and I just want you to know that your music has inspired me in so many ways. Thank you for being my idol and for staying true to who you are. Love you so much.

Maria (Spain)

Happy 54th Birthday JBJ. I hope you have an awesome birthday. I love you more than words can say. You Rock JBJ.

Theresa Ann Smith (Auburn, NY, USA)


Happy Birthday JBJ… Followed you through from the 80’s to the present from east to west coast Canada. Can’t wait for the new album to drop and hope new tour dates include Halifax, Nova Scotia. It has been a long time since you have come past Toronto further east in Canada. Thank You for all you have given us. Hoping for some more ballads…

Sarah Terfry (Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Jon, have a happy 54 birthday. I hope you have a good one and much more to come.

Renee Paschall (Abilene, Texas, USA)

What can I say Jon… Your voice, your smile, the way you move, the way you care is what makes you who you are. Your beauty is also from within. Happy birthday Jon, 2.3.62… my hero.

Vicky Brown (Consett, County Durham, England, UK)

Happy Birthday Jon! Thank you for your beautiful music. You are not only a musician in my eyes, you are our Superman for all the good you spread around the world. I will be a fan of Bon Jovi until the end of time. Love always

Jeannie Lopez (Texas, USA)

Happy Birthday Jon! I am a huge fan of yours from the very beginning. My 54th birthday is also in March and also married to my high school sweetheart (32 yrs)! You’re the best and love everything you do!!!! Soul Kitchen is the best too!

Nancy Welch (Clinton, CT, USA)






Maranda Perkins,
(Lawrenceburg, KY, USA)





Happy happy birthday Jon… My absolute superhero. Love,

Karen (County Durham, England, UK)

Happy Birthday Superman.

Tereza (Czech Republic)

Your music is like Living On A Prayer. I Believe, These Days you have to Let it Rock. Please, Never Say Goodbye. Have a nice day! Love you. Happy b-day!

Maria Paz Calandrelli (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Happy Birthday Jon. Have a great day. Thank you for your existence, you are a genius! I admire you and love you so much. Send you kisses and hugs. I hope to see you soon in my country. Thanks for everything, love you.

Ivana (Cordoba, Argentina)

Happy Birthday Jon! I am lucky enough to share my birthday with you! It’s my 40th! It would be great if we could wish each other a happy birthday on 2nd March. I’ve been a fan since I was 11 xx

Lisa Krueger (Sydney, Australia)


Happy Birthday Jon!!! I am a fan of 16 years and your music is just getting better (not old just older!!). Your music is a real inspiration to me. Have a good day

Audrey (Quebec, Canada)

Love you, Jon. Been a fan for years now and seen you in concert in Cleveland, Ohio several times. Love all you are doing for the people and fighting hunger. Have a wonderful birthday. God bless you !

Rebecca Blough (Smithville, Ohio, USA)

Happy birthday to a wonderful person inside and out. Hope you have a wonderful day. Been listening to you since you started.

Kristen Mooney (Manahawkin, NJ, USA)

HAPPY 54th BIRTHDAY JON! I have been rocking with you since the very beginning and will be rocking with you until the end. Your music reaches out to every one of all ages and the philanthropy work you do is an inspiration to us all. You are truly a CLASS ACT, A BEAUTIFUL MAN WITH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL. KEEP ROCKING! PEACE, LOVE, AND BON JOVI ALWAYS! KTF!

Debbie Jaskula (Buffalo, New York, USA)

Happy Birthday to a wonderful MAN, greatest ROCKER EVER! Your FAN

Bonnie V (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)








Happy birthday to a wonderful singer, man, husband, father and all round inspiration. Your generosity and sweetness makes my days brighter. 54 years young, I hope there is 54 more.

Leanne Macdonald (Brisbane, Australia)

Jon, I have loved and adored you from the 80’s. From being an 18 year old in the 80’s to an 45 year old mum of three. I have been inspired by you –  from your music through to your selfless work with your charities. You are one of life’s treasures. Have the most amazing birthday, surrounded by your friends and family. You deserve it all, my love.

Paula Thomas Hemel (Hempstead Hertfordshire, UK)

Jon, I’m always reminded of your birthday, because we share that date!! I will be celebrating my 49th birthday on the same day as you!!

Holly Best (Clearfield, UT, USA)

Will be wishing him (Jon) a happy birthday by seeing our friends Bon Jovi Forever, Canada’s premier tribute band play.

Wayne & Christine (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada)

Happy Happy Birthday Jon! 54 and still Fabulous! I have Loved you since 1984 and I will Always Love you till the end of time… On your next tour, please make sure you make a stop in Reading, PA. Love Always,

Holly Falcone (Stowe, PA, USA)

Just a simple HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a good man . Love what Burning Bridges stands for.

Diane (Phenix City, AL, USA)

I’ll keep this short and sweet… Happy Birthday to an amazing guy!!!!!!!

Cathy (Virginia, USA)

Happy birthday to an amazing man with an amazing heart and soul. I hope your day is a special as you are, shared with friends and family. Until we meet, happy bday Jon.

Andrea (Perth, Australia)

Been there for me since age of 12. Now, 29 years later still love ya all. Happy bday JBJ xxx

Melanie (Marbella, Spain)

Hope you have a relaxing enjoyable birthday… And then get on with the World Tour! Love, the Bossy Kiwi Women you met in Auckland in 2010.

Deb (Paraparaumu Beach, Kapiti, New Zealand)




From your most loyal fan for over 30 years.




Jon, my heart and soul are with you. You are in every prayer I pray. I love you, although I don’t know you personally. We have a connection through your music and that speaks volumes. Happy Birthday!

Carolyn Dee (New Jersey, USA)

Happy Birthday Mr Jon Bon Jovi… I love You and your band since I was 14 years old and it never passed… You’re always with me when I’m down… My kids, (Tom 4 years & Lily-Rose 2) already love You and your music. Thank You for all!!! Happy Birthday Mr Rock ‘n Roll Man!!!

Jefferson (Depoortere Avignon, France)

Wishing the Greatest Rock musician, Jon Bon Jovi, an amazing birthday. 54 now and still better than anyone else in the music industry. Always! Best wishes to him on his special day. Thank you for the years of fantastic music!

Braden Burgess (Birmingham, England, UK)

Wishing you a day that is as special as you are, in every way. Happy Birthday!

Kristine (Latvia)

Happy birthday Jon. Hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends. This Belgian fan sends you a lot of birthday kisses. Hope to see you on tour again soon.

Nathalie (Belgium)

Happy birthday Jon! I want to share my story about your last tour and myself: Because I Could.

Vilma (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Jon Bon Jovi – an example for many others because of his charity work. With his lyrics and music, he is my therapist and savior during a very difficult period in my life, Thanks for that. A Happy Birthday and many blessed years my music hero.

Rita De Kimpe (Belgium)

To Jon… Have a fab, fab 54th birthday. From one of your greatest, die hard fans. You have a lovely day.

Sue Smale (Radcliffe, Manchester, England, UK)

Congratulations to you on your birthday. Since your music came into my life, it has made it more beautiful. I admire your musical career, and I’m very glad to hear your music every day. I thank you and your band for doing such good music, and for being such great musicians.

Enrique Gonzalez Diaz (Cuba)

Happy Birthday Jon! I’m an 18 year old fan. I wish you good health. People in Thailand love you!

Oobie Yuktanandana (Bangkok, Thailand)


Jon, thank you for all your stories, and thank you for all the charity you do. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a “Nice Day”. Love,

Katie, (North Carolina, USA)

Happy Birthday Jon! Been a fan since Runaway! You guys just keep getting better. Can’t wait for new album to be released. Hope you have a great birthday. Love,

Barbara Starliper (Hancock, MD, USA)

Happy birthday, dear Jon.

Karin (Holland)

Hello dear friend… Your voice, your notes, echo in my mind as the anthem of strength and love of life. When I’m down, I hear “It’s My Life” and I smile like magic. Good luck always.

Lorella De Sanctis (Rome, Italy)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON !! This is a very special day for me too.. It’s my birthday also and I love sharing it with my #1 Rockstar! Have a wonderful day.

Jeanine (Long Island, New York, USA)

Happy birthday to you, Jon Bon Jovi. You are an amazing guy and musician. May you have a wonderful birthday, and may God bless you and watch over you and your family. Best wishes and many more to come. I love you, Jon. Keep the music coming.

Liz Travaglia (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Happy 54th Birthday, Jon Bon Jovi! Hope you Have A Nice Day and Keep the Faith! Thank you for all the great years of music and cannot wait for your new album! You’re the best! Happy birthday from Slovakia.

Tatiana Valentínyová (Púchov, Slovakia)

Dear Jon. I just want to wish you happy birthday. You are my whole world. I have loved you since high school. Your music has got me through some of the worst times of my life, and your music was there for the best times. When I got cancer your music got me through. Also your dedication and the love you have for your wife Dorothea is such an inspiration. I really want to say thank you for being the amazing man that you are. Love, xxxx

Debbi Grobler (Springs, Gauteng, South Africa)

Dear Jon.. I hope you have a nice day.. And you don’t need any bad medicine because I’d love to make a memory with you… Love,

Ann (Ashfield, UK)

Happy birthday, Jon!

Pascal Jonckheere (Belgium)





Marina Espartero
Vitoria, Spain




Happy birthday. Have a great day, have a stinker of a party.

Donna Watmore (Preston Lancashire, England)

Happy Birthday to a great man! Keep doing what you do. Love and kisses.

Connie Sigona (Sicily, Italy)

Happy birthday to the sexiest rocker in the world, Jon Bon Jovi. Enjoy your special day with your lovely family and friends. Keep true to yourself and your music. And keep on rocking. Best wishes,

Colette Hood (Tarleton, Preston, England)

Happy birthday, Jon. I wish you many years of enjoyment and happiness. Big kisses from me.

Carine Beckers (Belgium)

Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi! You have brightened my life. Thank you for being a person who loves, cares, encourages and helps people all over the world with your music, and your humanitarian work with the JBJ Soul Foundation. May the love you have shown to others bless you today, tomorrow and always.

Bella MJ (Redondo Beach, CA, USA)






Happy Birthday, Jon!
Jakarta, Indonesia






HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON! My birthday is also in March. My lifelong dream has always been to meet you. I hope you get everything you want for your birthday, and I hope I get the one and only thing I want for mine, to meet you. God a Bless

Margie (Canfield, Ohio, USA)

Happy b-day hope you have a great day. Lots of love,

Jacoline (Netherlands)

Happy birthday to the best singer in the world.

Allison Bowman (Co Durham, England)

Happy Birthday, Jon!! You’re a beautiful and sexy man!

Sheila (Eastaboga, Alabama, USA)

Happy birthday, Jon. Hope you have a awesome birthday, and thank you for the music you make.

Sarah (England, UK)





Happy bday Jon! Hope you like this painting I’ve made!





Happy Birthday Jon! Thank you for sharing it with my son.

Chris Dickson (Holly Springs, NC, USA)

On March 2nd every year I say out loud, Happy Birthday, Jon. This year I would like to say, Cheers! Happy Birthday, Jon.

Arlene Gibbons (Newfoundland, Canada)

Happy Birthday, Jon! Love!

Maggs and Susan (Bonnie, Scotland)

Hi Jon, I met you in Philadelphia last year as we share a similar vocation – helping the homeless. Thank you for touching so many lives. There are days when your music helps to fill in the gaps when the energy is low and the needs are far reaching. I want to wish you a blessed birthday filled with renewed hope for you, your family.

Michelle Haines (Bucks County, PA, USA)

Happy birthday! If I got you a gift I would steal the sun from the sky for you. Enjoy your day, it’s just older. Love to you always,

Nicola Jackson (UK)




Happy Birthday, Jon! What can I say? Just that every song was a piece of my heart! My whole life I’ve been a proud fan! God bless you! Rock on!
Desiré Roldán
Barcelona, Spain



Just a message to say thank you, thank you for your music and thank you for showing me that being me isn’t a bad thing. Hope to see the band on the road again this year. Happy Birthday JBJ!

Victoria (United Kingdom)

Happy bday JBJ! Best person, best musician, best everything!!

Faith Crowley (Waterford, Ontario, Canada)

Happy 54th Birthday Jon Bon Jovi! Aka, Captain Kidd of hair metal!!

Otis Mack (USA)

Happy Birthday, Jon. Hope you have a fantastic day. Can’t wait until you’re back on tour. I have been a fan from the beginning and will be forever. Love, xx

Marion (Glasgow ,Scotland)

Congratulations Jon! May this birthday be the start of many good things coming to you. I wish you Happiness, Joy and Great Achievements. And I hope to soon see you singing here.

Rosemary Cunha (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

I saw Bon Jovi in Chicago, a few summers ago. Can’t wait to see you again. Happy birthday, Jon. We’re waiting for you!!

Lori Smutney (Chicago, IL, USA)

Happy birthday to my sexy man, Jon.

Susan Morgan (Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, UK)

Happy birthday, Jon. I love you… forever.

Gabriella Maurelli (Acquaviva Delle Fonti, Bari, Italy)

Dear Jon… Happy birthday. You deserve all the happiness in the world. You are a very special person to me. I have a strong sense of love and affection for you. Kisses!

Márcia Renata Dos Santos (Brazil)

My dearest Jon, happy birthday sweetheart! Your voice is a magical, healing sound – don’t ever stop using it, ever! Keep on rocking, my love, with perfect health and all your blaze of glory. You’ll be forever in these arms – always!

Lin Tahel Cohen (Israel)




I wish you a Happy Birthday! All the best! God Bless you, Jon!
Susana Lázár



Jon, I wish you all the best. Much health, much happiness, may God bless you immensely and so that you may always continue bringing joy and happiness to people. Know that you are my biggest dream. I love you! Happy Birthday Jon!

Juliana Aparecida Hannecker Fernandes (Tramandaí, North Coast of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil)

Jon, you (and Bon Jovi) are like your song: “wanted alive” – since 1986, till forever! Happy Birthday!

Eli (Slovenia)

You’ve done so much in my life… Whenever I was wrong your lyrics, your concerts, they made me feel so good. I don’t have words for this… I hope you have a happy birthday. I love you.

Cande (Argentina)

Happy birthday to the most amazing man in the whole world. You’re an awesome songwriter. I hope that your future albums will be as great as previous ones.

Iga (Poland)

Your voice is my heartbeat. Your music is my air, my everything. You’re a touchdown at the Super Bowl. Happy birthday, love of my life. I’m Italian, in Italian I wish you Buon compleanno AMORE della mia vita.

Sonia (Bologna, Italy)




Mária Šusterová





I send you all my support.

Kumiko Tanaka (Tokyo, Japan)

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JON!! Thank You for making me smile for the last 32 years.

Laura Saenz (Kansas, USA)

Happy Birthday, John Francis Bon Jovi! 

Lydia (Warsaw, Poland)

I wish you a great day, Jon. I’ve been a fan of Bon Jovi since ‘88 and have seen you live 7 times. I have a beautiful daughter (soon 2 years old). She’s singing your songs along with me. Love,

Gustafs (Sweden)

Happy birthday Jon. Wish me luck I’ve got an interview for a job that day! Love,

Jo-Anne (Essex, UK)

I wish you the very best on your birthday. I hope you get everything that you desire. So happy birthday to you. Hope you have a good one.

Robin (Oklahoma, USA)

Congratulations on your birthday! See you on the next tour!

Andrea (Heidelberg Germany)

Jon, I hope someday I get to meet you. I have been a fan since I was 13, now I’m 43 on Feb 15th. I adore everything you stand for. I think your work both musically and in general – be it political or philanthropic – is PHENOMENAL!!! I will always adore your work. One of your biggest fans… HAPPY 54TH JON… Whatever you do, wherever you are on March 2, I wish you a day of happiness & joy. Nothing but utmost respect & love for you, John Bongiovi.

Tracy Gauvreau Dartmouth (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Happy birthday my angel! I love you more than anything! Thank you for making my life better. Thank you for making me happy every single day. Thank you for everything.

Sara Anjos (Portugal)

I have loved you since 1984. Your music is and always will be the best. I went to at least 6 concerts. Happy birthday, Jon. Celebrate this day with family and friends! I love you always and forever!

Kathy Sheehan (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

I’m 19 year old girl from Sweden. Bon Jovi really saved me when I was going through difficult times. So I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU and Happy Birthday!

Fanny Ivansson (Sweden)

Happy Birthday Jon. You and your music have meant so much to me through the years. Thank you for all your inspiration and encouragement. I hope you have a wonderful day. Love,

Kari Winkelman (North Branch, MN, USA)

Happy Birthday, Jon. Thank you for being my hero and a father figure for nearly my entire life. Your music is and will be my bible forever.

Matthias (Belgium)

Happy birthday to a great singer. I hope all your dreams come true. Hope you sing for another 50 years.

Cindy Kelly (Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, Quebec, Canada)

Happy 54 birthday. Have a nice day!

Frans Warmenhoven (Katwijk, Netherlands)


Carmen Lambrich (AKA Cat)



Jon, wishing you a very happy birthday and all the best in the year ahead! Thank you so much for all that you do! You are THE BEST! Can’t wait to see you all soon! Rock on!

Suzanne, (Maryland, USA)

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Jon Bon Jovi!! Happy Birthday!!!

Barbara Kain (Austria)

I wish you a very happy birthday, Jon. You’re my idol, you keep me strong. Love you. God bless you and your family.

Joanne (Malta)

Bon Jovi fan since age 12. Happy birthday, Jon!

Amalia R. (New York, USA)

Jon, your birthday is a wonderful occasion all by itself. And for me, it’s a special day, allowing me to thank God for all you are. I’ll be there for you. Thinking the best for you.

Flaviana Fonseca (São Paulo, Brazil)

Not old, just older!Happy Birthday JBJ! Rock on!

Flavia (Venice, Italy)

Keep smiling… Keep rocking… Keep being you. Happy Birthday Jon! (Thanks for wearing that Rolling Stones t-shirt that day back in 1995)

Marcela Lopez (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Happy Birthday! I think that you are a legend. I really like your voice, your songs and everything about you! You are my escape, my freedom, my rock and my life!

Veronika (Hungary)

Hey JBJ, I hope you have a great 54th birthday. Another year older and still the sexiest guy around. Keep reaching for those dream goals. I know you will achieve them

Mia Yeoman (London, UK)

Happy Birthday, Jon! Sending with loads of love! xxoo

Julie W (Brisbane, Australia)


Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi!

Today it’s a fabulous day. I wish you a day full of surprises and happiness. We love you Jon… Thank you for everything.
Anne Myriam Gagné
Jonquière, Saguenay, Québec, Canada




Happy Birthday, Jon! (from one of your older fans) Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world, and especially thank you for all the great things you do for society. Sincerely,

Iris McCloskey (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, USA)

Happy birthday, Jon. I hope this year is your best one yet. Thank you for all that you do for your fans and for people less fortunate. If more people did what you do, the world would be a much better place. Thank you so much for your inspiring, uplifting music. It has helped me so much. Thank you so much for your wonderful performances. You make so many people so happy. I hope to shake your hand someday. Sincerely,

Stephanie Ashley (Alabama, USA)

Hi Jon! I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, and may you get what you want most of all. I’m your fan since 2010, still love your “old” songs and need some new stuff.

Hermine (Munich, Germany)

Happy birthday to you, Jon! I will always keep the faith to meet you some day, maybe on one wild night. I will never say goodbye to my dream. Unfortunately I won’t see you blow those candles out, though I’ll be there for you. Have a nice day and a long life.

Olga Lidia Mesa (Havana, Cuba)

Many people survive personal experiences with the help of Bon Jovi lyrics. I’m one of them. Days after meeting you in 2015, I was diagnosed with Cancer. You had a huge part in saving my life. For that, I want to wish you a very happy and healthy birthday!!

Amy Marchany-Brown )Long Island, NY, USA)



Happy birthday, Jon. You and I have some in common – our birthday. l have one birthday wish – to meet you!
Anne Jarota
Geelong, Australia



Welcome to wherever you are, life is beautiful, everyday, always, keep the faith, never say goodbye, breakout, right side of wrong, one wild night, we can dance, we rule the night! Happy birthday, Jon. Have a nice day.

Rose Clements (Melbourne, Australia)

Happy Birthday to my all time Rock Star!!! You’re like wine, better with age!!

Rosa Rehoboth (Massachusetts, USA)



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi

  1. JON Buon compleanno io dico sempre che essere tuoi fans è come assumere uno stile di vita particolare che solo noi fans possiamo capire ma lo trasmettiamo con gioia e bellezza e questo lo hai trasmesso tu Jon perchè sei unico bellissimo in tutto e pieno di energia e grazie di esistere tanti auguri di Buon compleanno


  2. Amo muito você!!! Saiba que sua música é um calmante para mim, atravesso um grave problema de saúde com meu filho. (câncer)
    Você é a minha inspiração para continuar nesta batalha!
    Que Deus te abençoe muito!

    Rio de janeiro/Brasil


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