Bon Jovi: Seen & Heard – May 2016

Bon Jovi Complete New Album, Return To Universal Music Group

Bon Jovi shared some big news on May 25th, announcing that their new album, titled “This House Is Not For Sale”, is completed.
To celebrate, the band posted a photo taken at Electric Lady Studios in New York City on their website, which included band members Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan, Tico Torres, Hugh McDonald, Phil X and producer John Shanks.

Left to Right – Hugh McDonald, David Bryan, Tico Torres, John Shanks producer, Jon Bon Jovi, Phil X on May 25, 2016. [Photo By: David Bergman]
After word arrived last summer (2015) that Bon Jovi had fulfilled its contract on Mercury Records, in what lead singer Jon Bon Jovi called the “end of an era,” the new album will be released in partnership with Island/Universal Music Group, according to a source, marking the group’s return to UMG. Indeed, the singer is proudly wearing a label shirt in the photo taken by tourphotographer,  David Bergman.

Jon & Dorothea Bon Jovi At The Grand Opening Of The B.E.A.T. Center In Toms River, New Jersey

The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation celebrate the grand opening of The B.E.A.T. Center, the 2nd JBJ Soul Kitchen on May 10, 2016. [Photo By: Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation]
When Jon Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea, opened the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, NJ in 2011, its mission was to address issues of food insecurity while allowing diners the dignity of a meal without judgment.

On Tuesday, May 10, 2016 the Bon Jovis’ expanded their dream with the grand opening of a second Soul Kitchen in Toms River in New Jersey. The restaurant, which offers a SoHo-like dining experience with a nutritious upscale fare and no prices listed on the menu, is part of the new B.E.A.T. Center offering families and individuals in need a place for food, job training, and resources to get back on their feet.

“This location being even larger, we are going to have an even greater impact on the community of Toms River. Our mission has always been to affect positive change and address the issues of hunger and homelessness. We are expanding our mission with a network of partners and resources to meet the needs of the community of Toms River.” – Jon Bon Jovi

The B.E.A.T. Center Grand Opening Event

Watch Jon Bon Jovi and other speakers at The B.E.A.T. Center Grand Opening event that took place May 10th in Toms River, New Jersey.

Read more about the event here: Jon Bon Jovi Opens B.E.A.T Center To Fight Hunger.

David Bryan Performs At Carnegie Hall In New York City

David Bryan performed at Carnegie Hall for the “BestBuddies” charity event in New York City on May 24, 2016. David played songs from his new musical, “Chasing The Song” as well as a few Bon Jovi songs.

David Bryan with performers after the Best Buddies event at Carnegie Hall in New York City on May 24, 2016. [Photo By: Rafaloffthelog on IG]
David Bryan Performing “Desert Rose” From The Musical “Chasing The Song”

David Bryan Performing “The Blank Pages of My Life” From The Musical “Chasing The Song”

David Bryan Joins Social Media Site, Twitter

Photo posted by David Bryan on Twitter at Carnegie Hall in New York City on May 24, 2016.

Bon Jovi’s world renowned keyboard player and multiple Tony Award winner, David Bryan has joined social media site, Twitter.

Although the account is not verified yet, David has posted a number of photos (selfies, etc) to confirm the authenticity of the account.

Follow David Bryan on Twitter: @dbdavidbryan.

David has also followed a few fans, so show him some love and he might just follow you too!





Out & About With Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi attended The Heart Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Event honoring Discovery Land Company’s Mike Meldman at the Green Acres Estate in Beverly Hills, California on May 21, 2016.

Jon Bon Jovi at The Heart Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Event in Beverly Hills, California on May 21, 2016. [Photo By: Frazer Harrison, Jason Kempin For Getty Images]
Jon Bon Jovi attended the New York Yankees baseball game with his sons, Jesse and Romeo in New York City on May 24, 2016. Jon and his boys took a moment away from watching the game to take a selfie.

Jon Bon Jovi with his sons, Jesse & Romeo at the Yankees game in New York City on May 24, 2016. [Photo Credit: New York Yankees on Twitter]

Tico Torres Launches New Clothing Line

Tico Torres was in Seeshaupt, Germany on May 10, 2016 to present his new collection for Rockstar Baby, alongside his first collection for adults in collaboration with LUPACO Munich Concept Store.
He also shot a video for the collection with Herman Rarebell, former drummer of the Scorpions and music video and film director Maik Marzuk.

Tico Torres wearing his “Rockstar Baby/LUPACO Munich” jacket on May 10, 2016. [Photo By: Ursula Dueren/dpa]
The jackets by Rockstar Baby and LUPACO Munich – designed by Tico Torres – are now available for pre-order until the beginnings of July and will be dispatched in January 2017.
Worldwide orders acceptable (shipping costs apply).
For prices and sizing information email:


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