Compilations and Box-Sets

Cross RoadRelease Date: October 10, 1994


  1. Livin’ On A Prayer
  2. Keep The Faith
  3. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
  4. Always
  5. Wanted Dead Or Alive
  6. Lay Your Hands On Me
  7. You Give Love A Bad Name
  8. Bed Of Roses
  9. Blaze of Glory
  10. Prayer ‘94
  11. Bad Medicine
  12. I’ll Be There For You
  13. Runaway


This Left Feels RightRelease Date: November 4, 2003


  1. Wanted Dead or Alive
  2. Livin’ On A Prayer
  3. Bad Medicine
  4. It’s My Life
  5. Lay Your Hands on Me
  6. You Give Love a Bad Name
  7. Bed of Roses
  8. Everyday
  9. Born to Be My Baby
  10. Keep the Faith
  11. I’ll Be There for You
  12. Always


100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be WrongRelease Date: November 16, 2004


Disc One
1. “Why Aren’t You Dead?” (Keep the Faith Outtake)
2. “The Radio Saved My Life Tonight” (Keep the Faith Outtake)
3. “Taking It Back” (Keep the Faith Outtake)
4. “Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night” (Original Demo)
5. “Miss Fourth of July” (Keep the Faith Outtake)
6. “Open All Night (#2)” (Crush Outtake, not the same song from Bounce)
7. “These Arms Are Open All Night” (Crush Demo)
8. “I Get a Rush” (Unreleased)
9. “Someday Just Might Be Tonight” (Unreleased)
10. “Thief of Hearts” (Unreleased Studio Track)
11. “Last Man Standing” (Unreleased Studio Track, alternate version appears on Have a Nice Day)
12. “I Just Want to Be Your Man” (Unreleased)

Disc Two
1. “Garageland” (Crush Outtake)
2. “Starting All Over Again” (Japan Bonus Track on Keep The Faith, but a re-recording for this box set)
3. “Maybe Someday” (Bounce Outtake)
4. “Last Chance Train” (Crush Outtake)
5. “The Fire Inside” (Keep the Faith Outtake)
6. “Every Beat of My Heart” (Unreleased)
7. “Rich Man Living in a Poor Man’s House” (Crush Outtake)
8. “The One That Got Away” (Intended for Kevin Costner’s “Message In A Bottle”)
9. “You Can Sleep While I Dream” (Keep the Faith Outtake)
10. “Outlaws of Love” (Slippery When Wet Outtake)
11. “Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White” (From the Motion Picture Soundtrack to The Cowboy Way)
12. “We Rule the Night” (7800° Fahrenheit Outtake)

Disc Three
1. “Edge of a Broken Heart” (From the Motion Picture Soundtrack to Disorderlies)
2. “Sympathy” (Keep the Faith Outtake)
3. “Only in My Dreams” (featuring Tico Torres on vocals – These Days Outtake)
4. “Shut Up and Kiss Me” (Unreleased)
5. “Crazy Love” (Crush Outtake)
6. “Lonely at the Top” (International B-side)
7. “Ordinary People” (International B-side of “Say It Isn’t So)
8. “Flesh and Bone” (These Days Outtake)
9. “Satellite” (Keep the Faith Outtake)
10. “If I Can’t Have Your Love” (featuring Richie Sambora on vocals – Stranger In This Town Outtake)
11. “Real Life” (From the Motion Picture Soundtrack to EDtv – Unreleased remix)
12. “Memphis Lives in Me” (featuring David Bryan on vocals – Unreleased from the Original Musical Memphis)
13. “Too Much of a Good Thing” (Crush Outtake)

Disc Four
1. “Love Ain’t Nothing But a Four Letter Word” (Keep the Faith Outtake)
2. “Love Ain’t Nothing But a Four Letter Word” (Original Demo)
3. “River Runs Dry” (Unreleased)
4. “Always” (Unreleased Demo)
5. “Kidnap an Angel” (Crush Demo)
6. “Breathe” (B-side)
7. “Out of Bounds” (Slippery When Wet Outtake)
8. “Letter to a Friend” (Keep the Faith Demo)
9. “Temptation” (International B-side to “It’s My Life”)
10. “Gotta Have a Reason” (Unreleased)
11. “All I Wanna Do Is You” (Keep the Faith Outtake)
12. “Billy” (Crush Outtake)
13. “Nobody’s Hero” (Unreleased)
14. “Livin’ on a Prayer” (Original Demo – Hidden track)

Disc Five (Japan Bonus Disc)
1. “With a Little Help From My Friends” (Live)
2. “Love Is War” (B-side of Living in Sin single)
3. “Borderline” (Japan only single)
4. “Hush” (B-side of It’s My Life single)
5. “I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas” (From A Very Special Christmas Album)
6. “Save a Prayer” (Keep the Faith Japan Bonus Track)
7. “Fields of Fire” (These Days European 2 Disc Special Edition Bonus Track)
8. “Another Reason to Believe” (B-side of Everyday single)
9. “Let’s Make It Baby” (These Days European 2 Disc Special Edition Bonus Track)
10. “The End” (These Days French Bonus CD Track)



Greatest HitsRelease Date: November 9, 2010


  1. Livin’ on a Prayer
  2. You Give Love a Bad Name
  3. It’s My Life
  4. Have a Nice Day
  5. Wanted Dead or Alive
  6. Bad Medicine
  7. We Weren’t Born to Follow
  8. I’ll Be There for You
  9. Born to Be My Baby
  10. Blaze Of Glory
  11. Who Says You Can’t Go Home
  12. Lay Your Hands on Me
  13. Always
  14. Runaway
  15. What Do You Got?
  16. No Apologies
The Ultimate Collection:
  1. In These Arms
  2. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
  3. Lost Highway
  4. Keep The Faith
  5. When We Were Beautiful
  6. Bed of Roses
  7. This Ain’t a Love Song
  8. These Days
  9. (You Want to) Make a Memory
  10. Blood on Blood
  11. This Is Love This Is Life
  12. The More Things Change


Tracklists may vary depending on album editions